Our History

Management of Milan’s Machining

Milan’s Machining and Manufacturing Company, Inc., began in 1969 with a vision, a vision to provide our customers with the finest in precision machine parts built with reliability and excellence without compromise.  Located in Cicero, Illinois, we continue to grow with an emphasis placed on the customer requirements and the quality control we maintain throughout our processes.

Milan's Machining

View of Milan's Machine Shop

Our success is attributed to the capability to machine parts with little or no outsourcing of subsequent operations.  This enables us to have complete control of the machining process with our expansive 85,000 square foot facility.  Our 60 qualified machinists, state of the art equipment, and engineering personnel are capable of manufacturing special equipment and fixturing to meet all your large or small machining needs.  We are dedicated to offering you the finest possible products and services detailed to meet even your toughest specifications.

Our Customer Service and Estimating Departments welcome your quotations, as well as any inquiries you may have on our products, services, capabilities or specific areas of concern.  Please contact us at (708) 780-6600 or email.